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About Me

Welcome to Italy Walking Journeys!


My name is Alessandro Gullo and many of you already met me in one of the many tours I have guided in Italy.


Since 1998, I lead and helped creating walking tours in Italy for Country Walkers, and in the past for BCT (British Coastal Trail), Boundless Journeys, and Bike Vermont.

The last few years I have been blessed to work for Bret Thoman and his amazing St Francis Pilgrimages accompanying pilgrims in Assisi and Rome or on the trails Francis walked 800 years ago.

 I create and offer unique small walking or classic private tours,which give the guests great freedom in terms of dates and fellow travelers.

 My gratitude goes to Susan Evans and her,and now also my friends, that trusted me in Sicily,the Dolomiti, Lazio and Tuscany, and in October 2019 South Italy from Apulia to the Amalfi coast.


I remember fondly the private Quinn family tours (three generations!) and so many others including tours with just two wonderful guests like Pat and Judy,Dan and Denny, Mark and Shari, Baird and Betsy, Jo and Kathy and so many more!

Thank you all dear traveling companions for giving me the opportunity to show and share with you what I love most: Italy.
I hope you can come back and be my ambassadors to your good friends encouraging to travel and experience with Italy Walking Journeys!

Italy Walking Journeys is born to give an opportunity to past and new friends to meet and experience Italy in small or private groups from just a couple to a maximum of 10 guests with warmth, expertise, safety,and passionate guides whether is a week long tour or a 1 day city tour.

There will be a few dates and tours open to all but if you prefer a private tour just contact me and if there is availability in the hotels

I am hopeful to meet you soon,


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