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Classic Grand Tour Of Sicily

Classic Grand Tour of Sicily.

Sicily is a fascinating voyage in centuries of art and history! Thanks to its position at the center of the Mediterranean sea and to his generous fertile land the island of Sicily has attracted people and civilizations for thousands of years.

Our journey will take us to explore ancient Greek theaters and temples, a Roman villa with sensational mosaics, Norman cathedrals with golden Byzantine splendid mosaics, and Baroque extraordinary decorations, creating unique memorable experiences .Meanwhile the Sicilian cuisine will conquer us with its traditional variedrecipes and delicious flavors.

We will immerse ourselves in Sicilian culture and traditions by visiting great aristocratic cities and small authentic towns. We will admire the natural beauty of the island with its azure sea and sandy beaches, its rolling hills with wheat fields, olive trees and vineyards, and the most famous volcano in Europe, Mount Etna.

Our local guides are passionate and caring, and most importantly eager to share their love and knowledge of Sicily with you, that is why we run small tours from 2 to 10 guests.

We truly hope to see you soon in Sicily,

Alessandro Gullo.

Founder of Italy Walking Journeys.


Day 1.

You will be picked up at Palermo airport and taken to the Palermo hotel where we will meet in the lobby at 4p.m. and start visiting Palermo the most interesting sites .

 First settled by the Phoenicians, Palermo grew in power and splendour with each conqueror like the Arabs, the Normans, and the Spanish who left us marvelous works of art and a famous multicultural Sicilian cuisine, that we will start appreciating tonight at our welcome dinner.

Hotel: Eurostars Centrale Palace or similar.

Day 2.

With our guide we explore Palermo with Baroque churches and Norman mosaics,the opera house and the colorful street markets before heading to Monreale cathedral the absolute expression in the world of golden byzantine mosaics from the 12th century.

Lunch included, dinner on your own.

Hotel: Eurostars Centrale Palace or similar.

Day 3.

Transfer from Palermo to visit the Segesta archeological park, with its Temple built in the 5th century b.c. and the ancient town with a Greek theater with breathless views from lush countryside to the blue sea and then after lunch in a local agriturismo, visit to the

best marine salt. Evening in Trapani with a dinner including the home made pasta called Busiate with Trapani almond pesto sauce.

Lunch and dinner included.

Hotel: Gaura Apartments or Palazzo D’Alì Central Rooms or similar.

Day 4.

Today we explore Marsala wine countryside with the famous cellars and the archeological islet of Mozia, the main commercial stronghold of the Phoenicians in Sicily since the 7th century b.c. A visit to its museum of archeological finds created by Whitaker the british counselor and merchant producer of Marsala wine in the 19th century will help us understand this civilization. In the afternoon we will see in Trapani the famous salt ponds and windmills, and visit a three generation family owned saline and salt museum.  At lunch we might enjoy fish cous cous and lots of fresh vegetables.  Dinner on your own in one of the many Trapani fish restaurants.

Lunch included.

Hotel: Gaura Apartments or Palazzo D’Alì Central Rooms or similar.

Day 5

We leave Trapani and go to Selinunte a glorious ancient Greek colony, one of the largest archeological park in Europe with its impressive city walls, the sacred area with gigantic temples, and sweeping views of fertile hills by the sea.

After lunch and a stroll on the peaceful beach we will continue on to Agrigento stopping along the way for a granita or gelato.  We admire the largest and best preserved temple built outside Greece in the 5th century B.C. set in the Unesco Valley of the Temples . It sums up the search for beauty and perfection of the Greek culture leaving us breathless.

Lunch and pizza-dinner included

Hotel: Baglio Caruana, Foresteria Baglio della Luna or similar.

Day 6.

Driving by vineyards and extensive wheat fields we reach the center of Sicily to visit the Unesco Imperial Roman Villa del Casale with its 4th century a.d. mosaics that renders powerfully and vividly the life of the rich Romans in Sicily after they conquered it from the Greeks and the Carthagenians in the 3rd century b.c.

Lunch in nearby Caltagirone will give us a chance for some ceramic shopping, before heading to Siracusa .

Lunch and dinner included.

Hotel Domus Mariae or Hotel Livingston or similar.

Day 7

Today is dedicated to Siracusa, the most powerful greek colony city in the 5th century b.c.

We will enjoy its seaview promenades, the colorful and vibrant fish and vegetable street market, the Cathedral built transforming a Greek temple, its sublime baroque main square and the archeological park with one of the existing largest  and still used Greek theater in the world!

We drive south to Noto ,a Unesco site in the afternoon for a stroll through its main street lined up with original, theatrical baroque churches and  fancy fantastic  decorated nobleman balconies while savoring some of the best granita and gelato before returning to Siracusa.

Lunch included? dinner on your own.

Hotel Domus Mariae or Hotel Livingston or similar.

Day 8

Today we head to Mount Etna to explore and experience the active volcano. Weather permitting we will go up to over 6600 feet to admire its smoky crater and enjoy this incredible lunar lavic landscape maybe by taking a walk on an extinct crater rim . As we descend we might stop at a local farm and winery. The rich black soiled lava hills are the ideal condition for vineyards and fruit orchards.

We will stay in a cozy, peaceful hotel to take in all the beauty and memories that Sicily brought into our lives, celebrating it with a festive dinner and Etna wines!

Lunch and dinner included.

Charming relaxing country hotel like Borgata Baldazza Kepos Villa Neri or similar

Day 9

Departure for Catania airport.

At 9 a.m. a 1 hr ride will take us to the airport.(Private tours can arrange a different time transfer. Guests can also have a transfer earlier if they need to connect in Rome with a late morning flight to continue on to a homeward bound flight.

This Sicily itinerary captures the beauty of this island in all of its different charms, we will help you with pre and post tour plans.

Suggested pretour stay:1 extra day in Cefalù or Palermo

Suggested post tour stay :1 extra day on Etna or in Taormina or 3 days in the Eolian Islands.

 In case of a private custom tour some itinerary changes/additions can be done.








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